We supply bicycles from Kinesis, KTM and Surly, which we believe gives us a great range at our fingertips covering all sorts of cycles made out of any material you like. Being a small local shop we do not carry a full range but feel we have a representative sample in store at most times and can order any bike you like with a minimal delay. Most of our cycles are built to order to suit your exact requirements.

We love anything on two wheels (and even three if you count cargo bikes), but we have certain styles and brands that we are very keen on for various reasons.

Here are a few of our favourites – Surly for their awesome steelyness and quality design features; Kinesis for their British designed geometry, general build  quality and versatility; and Austrian manufacturer KTM for their broad range of superbly designed and engineered bicycles from e-bikes to high end race ready carbon fibre road bikes.

If you want something esoteric, unusual or rare that you won’t be able to find at a major retailer then we are the shop for you!  Fancy a 29″er with hub gears then pop in and let us bend your ear, tired of derailleur  gears going out of adjustment or ripping off on a rock, then lets talk!

We realise that these days you can great deals on-line, and we don’t want to tell you otherwise but we are still here if you want your steed setting up just right.