Here you can find details of our Cyclocross bikes for sale.

Surly Cross-Check

A great do-it-all bike delivering Surly’s characteristic fun and lively ride thanks to it’s fantastic steel frame. With clearance for any tyre you might think suitable and properly lugged for all eventualities, tarmac, gravel, Sheffield tarmac,  rain, touring, touring in the rain you name it.  We really like the build philosophy of Surly, bikes designed to be ridden and specced to last.  Long live steel!  Literally!

Surly Cross Check, long live steel
Surly Cross Check, 42cm Black

Kinesis Crosslight 5T Disc NEW


  • Carbon Fork
  • Shimano 105 drivetrain
  • Kinesis Crosslight wheels
  • Fantastic CX or ‘Sheffield Roads’ bike
  • £1350


Kinesis Decade Tripster Convert REFURBISHED


  • Refurbished in-house with many new parts
  • New Avid BB7 disc brakes
  • New Digest flared drop handlebars with bar-end shifters
  • Many new drivetrain components
  • Carbon fork and seatpost
  • Mavic Speedcity wheelset
  • An awful lot of bike for only £750